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Tuesday Thoughts

I was just on Facebook promoting some shows and I also wished an acquaintance Happy Birthday on their wall- because Facebook told me to.

Right after I typed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” up popped a little screen asking, “Do you want to send them a $10 gift card to Starbucks for their party?”

I was like, “Hell NO!” I don’t give a crap about that person. That’s why I wished them a Happy Birthday on Facebook!

Some good dates coming up, including: Cobb’s SF 9/11 -9/13 w/ the girls from Girl Code, featuring for Nikki Glaser at The Punchline SF 10/22-10/25. Oh, and I’m hosting a set of comics at Comedy Day this year which is going to be extra special with the passing of some hilarious comedic icons this past month….. Tucson Arizona in 2015. Can’t wait. Getting my hard candies ready now!