I Am A Gay Streetwalker

We all have our unique methods of ensuring that we pay our bills and that we can also put food on our plates. For me, my career is being a gay street walker, and it is by far one of most interesting if not highly paying careers in the world today. While being a streetwalker has its downturns, it’s a relatively wonderful career especially if you proceed with caution when selecting your clients. Being a gay streetwalker is unlike the conventional forms of streetwalking. In fact, I must say that I have enjoyed hot sex with some of the big names in this country and I would certainly do it all over again. Most men are not aware of this, but experiencing sexual diversity when it comes to your sexual life if highly important for both your well-being and your happiness in life as well.

The main benefit of being a streetwalker is that I never suffer from sexual starvation at all. In fact, all I simply need to do is to prepare myself well and find a client who will take me in all ways possible and compensate me well enough as well. More so, some clients are so good, that they often take down my contacts for repeat services and I enjoy seem to enjoy sex with these clients the most.

Whether its dick sucking or anal penetration, I am capable of all the acts and I am always fulfilled with the services that I provide to my clients. From the moment we enter the private location to the moment where we are touching each other and engaging in foreplay, being a gay streetwalker is an enthralling experience. Furthermore, it’s important to note that gay sex pays more than the conventional forms of sex and I often find it more comfortable to engage with my favorite repeat clients.

This is because they will not only compensate me well, but they also take me in all the ways possible such that I barely need a sexual partner to cater for my sexual needs. The immense amount of experience I have acquired in the realms of the streetwalking life has allowed me to adapt to the ever-changing needs of clients. Having sex with clients who pay well is even more enthralling, and some have even offered to take me out as their companions to orgies and various social events as well.

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