I choose a Harrow escort to be my escort at the promenade.

When I was a kid, I am very excited to attend prom and dance to the most beautiful lady in school. According to my siblings, it is the most awaited and fun event of high school life. Everyone gets so excited about what to wear and who to date. Everyone is so happy to see their crushes and hoping to dance.

From that story, I feel so inspired and waiting for that day to happen. Every time my siblings attend prom, they were too excited and well prepared. Bryan is my brother; I still can remember that he is rushing mom to buy him a suite he let agreed his crush to be his escort. He was so excited to fetch the woman, while Angel was so nervous yet excited to escort her longtime crush Browny. Browny asked her to be his escort during the event, and she feels so lucky. I love to see them happy and waiting for my turn.

I am so excited for my first day of school, it doesn’t go well as expected but I found a lifetime best friend. I got bullied in my first day when I farted during class, everyone laughs and pointing their fingers at me. My tears started to fall, and Candice just defended me to them. He stands for me and hugs me instead. We became friends since then. I find Candice very adorable and kind. She always shares her food with me, and I help her in class. She is a brave girl, always ready to fight for her right and never let anyone teased her. She is the most beautiful lady in the room, and I make sure that boys keep a distance from her. We always protect each other from harm and promises to reach our dreams together.

We are always together, and for a long time, we remain our friendship. We enrolled in the same school during high school. I am looking forward to the promenade and thinking to ask her to be my prom date. I practiced myself on how to ask her without being awkward. Until such time she told me about her crush. I am so hurt to know about it; I thought that she has feelings for me. I doubt to ask her the question and just waiting for a signal. I noticed that she became close to her crush and spent more time with him than me. I lost hope when she told me that her crush asked her to be her prom date and she said yes.

I did not show my pain and trying to be strong. I choose a Harrow escort from https://charlotteaction.org/harrow-escorts to be my escort at the promenade

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