Best Foods For Food Fetishes

Do you have a food fetish? It is hard to estimate how many people up and down the UK have food fetishes. However, it is one of the most common fetishes that London escorts come across. It goes without saying that there are some foods that lend themselves better to play with when you have a food fetish. During my time with charlotte London escorts, I have tried all sorts of different foods and I have to admit there are some foods that I prefer to play with than others. At the same time, it all depends on how your food fetish manifests itself. Are you a nibbler or a licker?

Licking Good Times With London Escorts

I think that most London escorts would say licking is a favorite way of enjoying a food fetish. Personally, this is the way I prefer handling my own food fetish. If you are into licking, there are many exciting options. You can buy special chocolate spreads on the same sites selling sex toys. Unfortunately, spreads bought on sex toys are often very expensive. Is there a need to buy specialist spreads? There is no need at all. Instead, you could pop down to your local supermarket and pick up a tub of Nutella or supermarket own branded chocolate spread. Just a word of warning, not all London escorts enjoy the taste of traditional spreads such as marmite.

Nibbling Good Time With London Escorts

Would you like to have a nibbling good time with London escorts? Many of you would probably like to have a good nibble from time to time. In that case, there are numerous exciting options you could try. It is best to stay away from greasy foods when you are into food fetishes. They only make a mess and are not the best way to enjoy a food fetish. Most girls at London escorts would recommend other foods such as carrots, celery and cucumber. They are much safer and can be used in many interesting ways.

Turn Your Tummy Into A Dinner Plate

What about eating dinner of someone’s stomach? This is a really sexy way to enjoy some personal dinner time with a sexy girl from a charlotte London escorts service. Some of the foods that you should put on your shopping list, include smoked salmon, cold roast chicken, cream cheese and perhaps even potato salad. Most can be picked up in a local supermarket, but if you would like to try some better quality food, you could try Marks and Spencer. Combined with a nice glass of wine, this combination would make for a tasty lunch time experience.

London Escorts On Food Fetishes

Why do we develop food fetishes? It is hard to say why some of us develop food fetishes. Food is a very fundamental tool. It can delight our senses and is also an important social experience. We dine out with our friends to form relationships. If you would like to tickle the tastebuds of a girl from your local London escorts service, it is a good idea to find out what food she enjoys. Is she a Nutella girl, carrot chick or a sophisticated smoked salmon lady? That is what you need to find out. How do you do that? Simple – just ask.

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